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Below are the rules of Tumblrplug.com.

1. No posting links in the description.
2. No trying to double plug you must wait until your last plug falls off the main page.
3. No blogs are allowed to be plugged that have porn or adult content on them!
4. You must plug your description in english and cannot contain any adult/bad words.
5. Blogs that are dedicated in just promoting are not allowed.
6. Blogs that are dedicated in just promoting a third party product/site are not allowed.
7. Sending false referers (Cheating the system) to tumblrplug will get your URL banned.
8. No automation of plugging of any type.

Failure to follow these rules can result in URL/Account/IP ban on Tumblrplug.
The site was designed to promote tumblr blogs only. We like to keep spam free.

Tumblrplug.com V2 coming soon.

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