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Welcome to Tumblrplug.com, Below are the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is it safe to promote my blog on Tumblrplug.com?
Is my account info safe when I plug?
Is tumblrplug.com scam?
Does Tumblrplug post anything on my account when I plug?
What is the easiest way to gain visitors/followers using Tumblrplug?
What's the point of plugging if my plug gets pushed off the main page within seconds?
Tumblrplug worked fine before, now it wont let me promote?
How do I to start playing the promo game?
I do not see an appropriate category for my blog, where should I plug it?
How do I get on Top Promoters?
How do I get on Dedicated Pluggers?
How do I make my text bold?
How do I get a gold star by my name?
What is the spotlight?
I have updated my tumblr portrait but it hasn't updated on tumblrplug.com?
I found a bug on tumblrplug.com what should I do?
Can I pay to be on top promoters or any other part of the site?
Why don't many people visit my blog from Tumblrplug.com?

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