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FamouslastwordsFamouslastwords - Hi 2 seconds ago
TrxnquilisticTrxnquilistic - Modernpersonal. message for a follow back! 2 seconds ago
RoyalsRoyals - Fashion, modern , fresh blog 8 seconds ago
Wasted-youth-beautyWasted-youth-beauty - Following back 10 seconds ago
CucainaCucaina - (1) message and a follow back to all blog types :) 11 seconds ago
M0sstheb0ssM0sstheb0ss - Instant follow backkkk 11 seconds ago
DisbtxhDisbtxh - Stay high. talk to me, i follow back! 18 f hong kong cali 11 seconds ago
WhatsthecolouroftheskyWhatsthecolourofthesky - Inspiration, boho, vintagewill definitely check out yours xx 19 seconds ago
SparetheheartacheSparetheheartache - (1) message for everyone who follows me! :) 24 seconds ago
VelvettmindVelvettmind - French girl, 18 :) nature vintage, often follow back ! 26 seconds ago
Le-perfecteurLe-perfecteur - 22. world traveler. f4f updated daily! 25 seconds ago
SkinnendeSkinnende - Pale, follow back similar 29 seconds ago
KrabbbyKrabbby - Pokmon, other anime and video games, text posts, quotes, etc. 30 seconds ago
After-t-houghtsAfter-t-houghts - Active vertical and pale blogfeel free to talk 34 seconds ago
Tox1c-l-o-v-3Tox1c-l-o-v-3 - I actually follow back unlike some liars on here 35 seconds ago
ModernawakeModernawake - Black and white 43 seconds ago
LouisenorringLouisenorring - Tattoos, fashion, personal i follow back similar! (: 49 seconds ago
BurbxrryBurbxrry - Checking out new followers cuz dash is dead 49 seconds ago
ImkindaokayImkindaokay - Submit a booty pic and i will send (1) msg and follow back! 49 seconds ago
SilverandbluerainSilverandbluerain - Instant follow back 60 seconds ago
SrikaviphoenixSrikaviphoenix - I follow back, ask me anything xx 69 seconds ago
Lemonade-lakeLemonade-lake - Always there for you :) mainly white posts follow back 71 seconds ago
Acid237Acid237 - Xoxo 72 seconds ago
Wasted-youth-beautyWasted-youth-beauty - Following back 76 seconds ago
LulpeachLulpeach - I probably wont follow you back :) 78 seconds ago
In-luce-lunaeIn-luce-lunae - Dark beautiful 78 seconds ago
Intimate-mindIntimate-mind - Lovely poems, bw pics, and eternal love 78 seconds ago
ChiyonodoxaChiyonodoxa - I follow back always, check out blogs and might leave an ask 83 seconds ago
Love--xoxoLove--xoxo - I _ n _ s _ t _ a _ n _ t _ f _ o _ l _ l _ o _ w _ b _ a _ c _ k 85 seconds ago
DeletenDeleten - Vertical x personal 91 seconds ago
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